Please byline: Pic: Joshua Lambus/solent…Please byline: Pic: Joshua Lambus/solent
This incredible set of deep sea photographs reveals for the first time some of the ocean’s darkest secrets. The stunning collection of pictures taken in Hawaii uncover in vivid detail the colourful beauty thousands of feet underwater. Among the ‚colour x-ray‘ style images are pictures of squids and shrimp. The creatues, all of which are just a few centimetres in size, are found living in complete darkness in water more than 7,000ft deep. Fine art photgrapher Joshua Lambus has been on more than 400 ‚blackwater‘ dives at night. SEE OUR COPY FOR THE FULL STORY.
Pictured: One of the creatures….a tiny squid.
Please byline: Pic: Joshua Lambus/solent
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